Who We Are

Sergio Lopes Partner, Brand Strategist & Finance

Sergio is an energetic leader and result-oriented marketing strategist. He is very creative, tech-savvy, and well-connected across the entire digital space, traditional media, and communication channels. Musician, Architect, Partner at LCTM BRANDBUILDERS, and Sports & Entertainment Division Director at OneSouth Florida Wealth Advisors, he also held key executive positions at Capitol Records, EMI Music Int’l, Punto Ogilvy Advertising, Sony Music Int’l, CBS Records, and Bandeirantes TV Network. Sergio is based in Miami, Florida, USA.

Claudio Condé Partner, Strategic Alliances & Artist Relations

Claudio has a degree in Economics from Pontifícia Universidade Católica of São Paulo and has developed a career in the Recorded Music Industry, where he held key positions such as President at Polygram / Universal Portugal, Sony Music Brazil, Sony Music Spain, and Warner Music Brazil, developing and maximizing careers of many important artists in several countries. Claudio is based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Alberto Traiger Partner, Brand Strategist & Business Affairs

Alberto is a licensing professional specializing in celebrity branding and was responsible for developing the international career of many prestigious Brazilian artists such as Tom Jobim and Ivan Lins. He is a Grammy Award-winning executive producer of the album “Brasil” with The Manhattan Transfer and has worked with world-class Music Industry icons such as Quincy Jones. Alberto is based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Maria Creusa Meza Partner, Investment & Royalty Administration

Strong business development professional skilled in Music Management, Music Publishing, Music Licensing, Executive Production, A&R, Marketing, Royalty Administration, and Business Affairs. She has been working in the Music Industry business since 1970, initially at PolyGram Universal Music, followed by Sony Music, CBS Songs, EMI Music, and Warner Music in the Brazilian market. She has owned an independent music production and publishing company since 1996, acting as a Clearance Supervisor in many film and TV productions. Maria is based in Boipeba, Bahia, Brazil.

Ian Traiger Associate Partner, Communications & Technology

Ian is a creative brand developer specializing in social media marketing and brand extension strategies. He is certified by Harvard Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies. Ian is based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Lorraine Zuleta Senior Advisor, Global New Business Development at LCTM BRANDBUILDERS WORLDWIDE

Lorraine brings a wealth of experience to her role of providing strategic leadership in the planning and implementation of our brand-developing activities across several industries. She has a long track record as an executive coach, consultant, and manager. She understands the challenges facing leadership: increasing customer expectations, new and changing risks, global economic and financial turbulence, and geopolitical uncertainty. She is certified in Business Coaching, Henley Business School, and BSc, Mathematics, University of Sussex. Lorraine is based in London, United Kingdom.

Serge Mallat Senior Financial Advisor

Serge Mallat, President of OneSouth Florida Wealth Advisors, has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. Before becoming a general agent with the companies of OneAmerica®, Serge held numerous positions within the financial world. He is actively involved in the South Florida community working with the MS Society of South Florida, the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, and the Fort Lauderdale Chapter of United Way, and is committed to supporting the Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce. He attended the University of Florida and is now President of the Palm Beach Gator Alumni Association. Serge is based in Cooper City, Florida, USA.

Aki Tanaka Senior Advisor, Global Strategic Alliances at LCTM BRANDBUILDERS JAPAN

Aki graduated from Nanzan University’s Department of Foreign Languages and started his career at Sony Music Entertainment Japan, where he held several key positions for 37 years. Aki also acted as Vice-Chair of the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ), and today he is President of the AFS Friends Association. Aki is based in Fujisawa, Japan. 

Adriana Pacchiele Associate Partner, New Business Logistics and Integration Management

Adriana is a Chemical Engineer with a master’s in Environmental Science and Technology, a Six Sigma Black Belt Specialist, and a Co-creator of the SigMachine BI Solution and Management Platform. She has over 20 years of experience developing and implementing integrated management systems. Previously, she worked as Senior Director at Burger King Corporation USA and AMBEV Brazil. Adriana is based in Miami, Florida, USA.

Silvana Mello Borges Associate Partner, Global Conceptual Design & Art Business Development

With over 35 years in the art market, Silvana has a natural creative mind, always looking for new challenges while creating authentic projects. She earned her Master’s Degree in Interior Design at the prestigious Instituto Europeo di Design in Milan. Along with promoting Cultural & Arts events and writing numerous articles about Art and Design, she had her work featured in the book “The Americas’ Top Designers and Architects.” In 2022, Silvana earned the Prestige Award for the Best Interior Design Company in the Southeast USA. Silvana is based in Miami, Florida, USA.

Ana Kasmanas Associate Partner, Global Branding Strategies

Ana has more than 30 years of experience in the brand licensing business as a strong leader and CEO at Exim Brasil and Kasmanas CML. She was instrumental in the success of many famous brands, such as Game of Thrones, Pokémon, Spider-Man, Bananas de Pijamas, and Patati Patatá. She has extraordinary connections with local, regional, and global brands, bringing our team a wealth of creativity and execution power. Ana graduated in Design and Visual Communication from FAAP, Marketing from the Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing, and Masters Degree in Branding from the prestigious Getulio Vargas University. Ana Kasmanas is based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Rubenson Chaves Associate Partner, Global New Business Development

Rubenson is a Digital and Business Transformation Executive focusing on open innovation, startups, innovative business models, and strategic projects, acting as a business executive in companies such as Nokia, Samsung, Telefonica, Sodexo, and TVlar. He is currently a Co-founder at HUBenson Projects & Ventures, Advisor at Boram Electric Motors and Live University. He is also the founder of PMI Amazonia, founder of RChaves Engineering, angel investor of Apptite startup, and professor at Fundação Getúlio Vargas. Rubenson is based in Manaus, Brazil.

Cesare Benvenuti Associate Partner, New Business Development at LCTM BRANDBUILDERS ITALY

Cesare is an accomplished entertainment executive starting his long career in Brazil, where he held important positions at the Chantecler, Ebrau, Copacabana, Marcus Pereira, e Eldorado music labels. Later, he moved to Italy to launch Sigla 4 and Globo Records labels. He also was musical director at Rete 4, the Italian branch of the powerful Rede Globo TV Network. Cesare is based in Rome, Italy.

Alex de Carvalho Global Senior Advisor, Digital Marketing & Business Strategy

A leader, innovator, and entrepreneur who spearheaded and developed the Miami startup community into the vibrant, world-class environment it has become. Alex is skilled in management consulting, startup execution and growth, and digital marketing. Previously, he led worldwide social media at IBM’s mainframe business: zSystems and LinuxONE. He currently serves as the Honorary Consul of Finland in South Florida. Alex is based in Miami, Florida, USA.

Marcello Nunes Associate Partner, Sales & Logistics

Marcello graduated in Business Administration from the Estácio de Sá University with an emphasis on Business Strategy. He has over 25 years of experience in the commercial area, specializing in local and international trading. Marcello is based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Warwick Manfrinato Associate Partner, Environmental Affairs & Sustainability

Warwick graduated in Agronomy from USP, University of São Paulo. He specializes in Environmental Intelligence and focuses on the development and implementation of sustainability projects. In addition to being Director of Protected Areas at the Ministry of the Environment (Secretariat of Biodiversity), he was President of the Institute Atlantic Forest Biosphere Reserve (UNESCO). Warwick is based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Ana Marques Associate Partner, New Business Development at LCTM BRANDBUILDERS NETHERLANDS

Ana is an innovative Sustainability and ESG expert. She has a track record of over 20 years in international business management and strategic consulting. Ana has a Ph.D. in Sustainability from Erasmus University Rotterdam. She is an analytical thinker, translating complex concepts into practical applications for different shareholders. Writer and speaker in countries like Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and the USA. Ana is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Flavio Brando Senior Advisor, Global ESG Business Affairs

Flavio is an international legal and business leader with an extensive track record in Brazil, the USA, and many other countries. Lawyer, negotiator, investor, developer, CEO and Board Member of private and public entities in healthcare, insurance, technology, transportation, real estate, and music, including investment funds. He has Law Degrees from the University of São Paulo and Harvard University. Starting in the late 90s, he became involved in environmental matters in legal, regulatory, political, financial, and academic. Flavio is based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Jocelyne Marine Senior Advisor, New Business Development at LCTM BRANDBUILDERS IBERIA

Jocelyne is an entrepreneurial, innovative Senior International Marketing leader with extensive experience in branding, campaign management, and strategic planning in the beverages industry. She graduated with an Executive MBA from the prestigious IE Business School of Spain. Jocelyne is based in Madrid, Spain.

Fabio Marques Senior Advisor, Global Communications, Business, and Education

Author of “Fabulous Management Simplified” and several other books & training programs on Leadership, Team Building, Sales, and Service Excellence, Fabio is World’s #1 Expert in Magna Influence & Inspirational Keynote Speaker with over 16,000 hours on stage, serving hundreds of organizations in more than 20 countries. Companies like Apple, Audi, Merck, Microsoft, Motorola, Dow, DuPont, Citibank, Cisco, JLL, Oracle, Puratos, Red Bull, Schneider Electric, Siemens, and many others have trusted Fabio to inspire and develop their teams around the globe. He is a Certified Professional Member of the National Speakers Association and the Global Speakers Federation. Fabio Marques is based in Tampa, Florida, USA.

Glaucia Bastos Performance Management Specialist

Glaucia has more than 15 years of experience in leadership management in large multinational companies. She is a Black Belt with a career developed in Performance, Management, and Shared Services. Her mindset is constantly improving on creative problem-solving, focused on strategy and sustainability goals. She graduated with an Executive MBA and Cost Management from the prestigious FGV – Getulio Vargas Foundation – and specialized in international trading. Glaucia Bastos is based in Chicago, USA.

Ana Cristina Benvenuti Associate Partner, New Business Development, Southern Europe.

Cris is a creative and energetic entrepreneur with a career initially developed in Entertainment, Fashion, and Corporate Events. Her multinational clients were, amongst others, Lufthansa, BankBoston, Azeite Gallo, Whirlpool, and KPMG. She has lately specialized in international trading and oversees LCTM’s business in Italy, Croatia, Bulgary, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, and Greece. She has a degree in Architecture and Urbanism from Mackenzie University in São Paulo. Cris Benvenuti is based in Rome, Italy.

Livys Cerna Associate Partner, Artist Relations & New Business Development

Livys Cerna has twenty years of experience in the center of the Latin Music & Entertainment Industry in the U.S. from her former position as Senior Director, Artist & Industry Relations at The Latin Recording Academy (the Latin Grammy). She now successfully runs LiVO Entertainment, her own company for artist promotion. She graduated in Business Administration from FIU, Florida International University. Livys Cerna is based in Miami, USA.

Darlan Rosa Global Ambassador for the Arts & Culture

Darlan Rosa is internationally famous as a painter, sculptor, designer, cartoonist, and educator. He is a global visual arts star and Brazil’s cultural treasure. More recently, he created the United Earth Amazonia Award trophy and the mega-sculpture to be installed in a public space in the City of Manaus, Brazil. Darlan Rosa is based in Brasilia, Brazil.